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Dan and Fani posing for a photo together in the Cloud Forest Singapore | Buy My Morning

Hello! Thank you for visiting our blog site, we really appreciate you checking us out.

Let’s introduce ourselves … We are Dan & Fani, two crazy adventurers, nature-lovers and huge foodies!

We were both bitten by the incurable wanderlust bug separately before we met, but to this day neither of us want to stop travelling.

… But let’s start you from the beginning of our journey!

Our Story

Dan and Fani together, an early photo taken at a cafe in Greece | Buy My Morning

We first met on a teacher training, TEFL, course in London in the summer of 2013. Dan was preparing to leave the UK (after quitting his job) and was due to cycle to Barcelona before travelling further, whilst Fani was returning to Greece for school holidays before going back to work as an English Teacher.

Randomly as Dan knew he was leaving months in advance, he booked the cheapest flight he could find, to get him to a friend’s wedding in Cyprus flying from a random location in Greece, and a country he had yet to visit. That flight turned out to be taking off from Fani’s home town, so we got talking. Then we talked more, and more often and then before we knew it Dan was in Greece for the first time and taking Fani on a date.

Four days was originally the schedule, we both knew that from the start, but then Dan didn’t board his flight for Jordan and instead returned to Greece.

That was nearly six years ago, we have moved around a lot since, visited over 45 countries together and

Our wedding day with us standing in the church at the front, holding each other | Buy My Morning

Have experienced the most amazing wedding!

Right now we are based in London and are continuing our adventures whilst we balance our full-time jobs and now also this blog site.

Our Travel Style

It’s really not an easy thing to sum up in few paragraphs but we will try to break the top points for you …

  • Ideally, we like to travel slowly and walk as much as we can. It’s not always possible if it’s a short trip, or at times safe to do so, but if we can get from A to B walking and seeing a real glimpse of local life we will.
  • We are adventurous and would like to think we would give most of the sporting / adrenaline junkies challenges a go, with some safety in mind though.
  • When it comes to money we do plan carefully and consider ourselves to be budget to mid-range travelers now. We will save money where possible but we aren’t in our partying twenties now to sleep anywhere, so when we do need to spend more or want something more luxurious on the trip, we will try to get a deal. It’s really important to stretch the money sometimes and just go for it!  
  • We are happier outdoors, be it in a huge park, a forest, by a river or on the beach, the foot of a mountain … think you get it we love to be outdoors exploring.
  • Food food food, we love food. Foodies until the end and as the world has an unlimited variety of awesome dishes to try out, we will keep traveling to explore and taste awesome food.
  • Visiting places to learn about culture, history and local traditions is more important to us than visiting all the tourist trail stops. We want to meet and speak to local people, support their businesses and hear some of their stories too.

Still Got More Questions?

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  1. Sara
    16th August 2019 / 6:43 pm

    Love the page really nicely put describing yourselves and your journey together.

    Looking forward to following you both around your future adventures

    • Dan&Fani
      27th August 2019 / 7:12 pm

      Hey Sara,
      Thank you for finding us 🙂

      Dan & Fani

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