Hanoi Formula One Grand Prix in 2020

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Hanoi Formula One Grand Prix in 2020

I still can’t believe this, but Vietnam is hosting a Grand Prix for the Formula One World Championships in April 2020. We were in Vietnam when this was announced and now that the circuit designs our out, it’s really exciting to see that this is going to happen.

It’s been designed with one of the longest straights on a race circuit calendar, so expect the highest track speeds, Maximum POWER and driving to the absolute limit! If that wasn’t enough, the track will have 22 corners and is considered to be the 4th street race for the 2020 season. 

Construction on the racing track, located just west of the city, reportedly started on in March 2019 breaking the ground for hosting the countries first ever F1 Grand Prix event.

As huge F1 fans we are really excited about this new track and can’t wait to see this event in 2020.

What to expect from Hanoi F1 GP 2020

No one is expecting Monaco or Monza … these races have a classic tradition cemented in formula one history, but if you do come expect Vietnam. Capture a captivating skyline of red flags and a golden star, and excitement of the people to welcome you to their nation.

It’s going to be a huge 5.5km track making use of the huge wide roads in place around the western part of the city. There will no doubt be plenty of spectacular viewing spots around the circuit.

Hanoi city, or old city, will serve as the perfect locations to stay, eat and explore the local sights in the area. Also, remember to check out our short itinerary for Hanoi.

Buy Your Tickets Now!

The actual race weekend is going to be from 3-5 April 2020.

Right now everyone is staying tuned for more information from the FIA, but tickets are now available to purchase on the official formula one website.

Accommodation in Hanoi for the F1 GP week

We have split our recommendations into two categories, close proximity to the racing circuit and hotels in the old city.

Hotels in Close Proximity to the Racing Circuit

King’s Hotel (closest north) & King’s Hotel (east) – Simple, clean and nice sized rooms for your stay in Hanoi. If you are looking to spend your money on an awesome holiday and go cheaper on the hotel … then check these two first.

OYO 241 HP Home Hotel – Looking for an option that is close to the formula one racing circuit that is cheap, clean and has a spacious room … then check out the OYO 241 hotel.

Mid Range:
Au Viet Hotel – Add a little more style to your trip without massively increasing your hotel budget, Au Viet Hotel looks stunning and definitely a hotel to consider.

T&M Luxury Hotel Hanoi – Stylist hotel with good size rooms, flat screen TV & cable channels. The reviews also look very promising, so worth checking out and considering this hotel.

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi – South of the racing circuit, but this has got to be one of the most spectacular hotels we have seen on our search for hotels close to the motor racing circuit.

Crown Plaza Hotel – (We believe) that this is one of the tallest hotels in the area and you may get lucky to see some of the grand prix from your beautiful room! Speak with the hotel to confirm before booking, but its close proximity to the circuit could give you an amazing hotel and seat for the F1 race.

Hanoi Old City Hotels

– Luxury – Hanoi Golden Holiday Hotel – Looking for style then Hanoi Golden is for you, beautiful rooms and really popular with tourists … just read the reviews.

– Mid – Nova Luxury Hotel – If you want to pay a little bit extra for a larger room, then the Nova offers this.

– Budget – Luminous Viet Hotel – We stayed at this hotel, clean and simple layout with small rooms and located close to the lake.

Exploring Vietnam during or after the F1 Grand Prix

It makes sense to explore Hanoi and the neighbouring areas but with Vietnamese airspace now alive and busy with national & international flights you have many options for trips away from Hanoi. If you need some help on the transport options available, see our page on how to travel around Vietnam.

Top tourist destinations to consider:

  • Sapa
  • Ha Long
  • Da Nang and Hoi An
  • Ho Chi Minh

Latest F1 Annoucements for the Hanoi Grand Prix

Keep your eye out for more updates on the Vietnamese Grand Prix from the official formula one website, formulaone.com


  1. Paul bassett
    17th July 2019 / 7:57 am

    Do you have any idea if it will be first two weeks of april.. you must have some idea on a date

    • Dan&Fani
      18th July 2019 / 12:38 pm

      Hi Paul,
      The tickets have just gone on sale for the Vietnam GP overnight, It’s going to be in April. Follow this link to the formula1.com website.

      I think the FIA maybe being cautious on the exact date with so much of the construction still to take place. Most people online were betting on a July race, but my personal feeling is that it will be after Bahrain and before the Chinese GP … so Sunday 5th April. That is not official though and you could get some hotel bookings secured with free cancellation in place.

  2. Milissa
    22nd July 2019 / 7:02 am


    Would you please do something incredible, when in Vietnam and being filmed to please take a minute or two talking about the horrific dog meat trade in Vietnam just to give awareness and by doing so will help places like Soi dog who are a charity that try and rescue and save dogs.
    Pls 😌

    • Dan&Fani
      23rd July 2019 / 5:45 pm

      Hey Milissa,
      Thank you for the message and information about Soi Dog. We have travelled quite a bit through Asia and have been lucky enough to come across, learn about and support, a number of animal charities … Soi Dog was new to us though.
      We are both committed to supporting animal welfare charities here at home (in Europe) and throughout the world. We will reach out to some of these charities ahead of our next visit, more than happy to use our blog or Instagram account to support further in the future.

      Thanks again Milissa

      For anyone else reading that wants to learn more about Soi Dog, please visit https://www.soidog.org

  3. Jan
    13th August 2019 / 7:53 am

    Really glad I came across this page. I’m looking at booking a trip with my husband, but we were wondering do you recommend any other countries to visit whilst we are around Vietnam?


    • Dan&Fani
      13th August 2019 / 8:01 pm

      Hey Jan,
      Thank you for your message.

      Vietnam has so much to offer all over the country, but you do have other options to connect easily and explore Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and even Japan or Korea. Skyscanner is a good place to start to see what options you have for cheap flights out to Vietnam to these locations on specific dates.

      Hope this helps? Hope you have fun planning this adventure! Dan & Fani

  4. John
    16th August 2019 / 6:28 pm

    Wow they haven’t made the tickets much cheaper have they!
    Thank you for sharing this page


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