A Quick Stop in Frozen Helsinki Finland

A Quick Stop in Frozen Helsinki Finland - Buy My Morning - Outside Helsinki Cathedral Finland posing for an instagram moment

Helsinki is a vibrant little city, but Helsinki in the winter is something else. Seriously how many places can you visit and see a frozen sea … come and find out more

A Quick Stop in Frozen Helsinki Finland

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Helsinki Finland – Winter City Guide

So here are our top things to see in Helsinki:

Helsinki Cathedral

This stunning white building with the tall domes is the soaring structure visible across the Helsinki cityscape.

A visit to the city is not complete without getting up close to this building, climbing the steps and looking across the square capturing life and vast tourism in Helsinki.

Uspenski Cathedral

A Quick Stop in Frozen Helsinki Finland - Buy My Morning - Uspenski Cathedral the best landmark in Helsinki
Uspenski Cathedral was our favourite landmark in Helsinki and so beautiful inside too.

An absolutely spectacular orthodox cathedral site in a small rise close to the seafront. Outside you can look in awe of the brick design and impressive pillars, but heading inside it something else.

Truly amazing building for both outside and in, we cannot recommend enough that you stop and visit here.


Close to the seafront is the Esplanadi, or “Espa” to Helsinki-ons (the locals), this contained garden area is decorated around the winter period in a Christmas theme, but it must be a great spot to chill out and socialize in the summer months.

Ice skating close to the Central train station!

If its winter in Helsinki you must have a few options to get on the ice, we spotted one by the train station. If you have your own skates it’s FREE, but if you didn’t pack your skates then you will have to pay a small charge to hire out a pair.

Vintage Tram Ride

The city also offers a tram service with some traditional vintage trams in service to hop on and explore the city too.

Well worth the experience if you have some time, or even better if it connects you to another stop on the map.

Take a swim in the Sea Pool

A Quick Stop in Frozen Helsinki Finland - Buy My Morning - Sea View Helsinki Finland
Not a bad early morning view to kickoff our adventures in Helsinki!

Oh yes, you read this right you can swim in Helsinki in the winter! Ok, the photo above isn’t taken at the right place and we could be misleading you on the experience … but there is such a place located right on the seafront not far from Uspenski Cathedral.

You have the option of an actual sea pool (mid in winter I would think again!) or a warm water pool (with the temp at 27c).

More information is available on Allas Sea Pool website

Where To Stay In Helsinki – Accommodation Tips

Luxury – Hotel Lilla Roberts – If you’re looking for more of a lazy weekend in a beautiful hotel, with less walking into the city, then the Lilla Roberts may be​ the hotel for you.

Mid-Range – Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel – A beautiful hotel set up close and personal to the sea, offering great facilities and letting you start off the day by the water and a slow walk into the main city. We stayed here and both really rate it for comfort and an awesome morning breakfast selection.

Budget – Eurohostel – Helsinki can be an expensive city so if you’re​ on a budget and want to use your money on other expenses, then the Eurohostel maybe what you need. Its got great reviews and is really central too!

Where To Eat! Helsinki

Dinner – Ravintola Merimakasiini – We were both desperate to try out some seafood for dinner and after a quick scan for reviews, we came across this place. It was super close to our hotel, which is always a bonus when it is freezing outside, and the food was really tasty. Fani had a whole plate of prawns for like €20.

Cafe & Something Sweet – Karl Fazer Cafe – No visit to Helsinki could be completed without a stop in this cafe. Its simply put, the most famous and outstanding setting in the city centre for a coffee and some naughty treats.

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