How to purchase your Japan Rail Ticket Pass

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How to purchase your Japan Rail Ticket Pass

If you are preparing, or considering, a trip to Japan your need to factor in how you’re going to get across this country. Japan offers some of the best transport systems, and services, on the planet with all of them designed from the outset to deliver efficiency and reliability to passengers.

By far the easiest way to explore Japan in using the railway network, with thousands of trains available networking all across Japan. The most famous of these is the Japan Rail Bullet Train (Shinkansen), and I doubt there will be many tourists that visit Japan that wouldn’t want to take a ride on these beauties.

The great thing is Japan wants to promote visitors getting out of the big cities and explore, something they have made really easy to do with the Japan Rail Ticket Pass.

Why should you purchase a Japan Rail Ticket Pass when visiting Japan?

1. The Japan Rail Pass saves you lots of money

Chances are when you visit Japan you’re going to want to move around and explore this beautiful country. On your travels you want to make the best use of your time, maximising the itinerary and reducing any waiting times. The Japan Rail Pass gives you flexibility to plan you trip without having to leave the city centre removing any further expense or lost time getting to and from an airport.  

You pick the travel itinerary, list out the destinations and find the best trains for you. Then simply sit back in a comfortable seat, relax and be captivated with the beauty as you look out of the window on to your final destination. 

You are very unlikely to find another transport solution in Japan to give you this much travel for this price.

2. The Japan Rail Pass allows you to explore the country

The routes available on the Japan Rail Pass are extensive and allow you to jump on and explore the country, but it’s important to make you aware that this isn’t an all-inclusive pass for the entire country, but WAIT keep reading … the Shinkansen train (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto is included where you will pass by the magnificent Mount Fiji.

Tokyo’s city metro isn’t covered by this for example, but this is not to say you can’t explore Tokyo with the Japan Rail Pass, you have other options to get around the city. 

3. The Japan Rail Pass is specifically designed for tourists and visitors

Maybe the most awesome thing about the Japan Rail Pass is that Japan has done this specifically for us travelers, whilst being very fair with the options available in price and duration when purchasing the JR Rail Ticket Pass.

The Japan Rail Pass also doesn’t need to start on the day you set foot in the country, you choose the start date for maximum benefit on your travels to Japan.


Can I Purchase the Japan Rail Pass online or should I wait until I arrive?

We recommend buying online and having this in your hand before you arrive in Japan. It could also save you more money, as on many occasions we have been told stories of higher prices in the country with the additional costs of charging, or drawing out money, for local currency purchases in Japanese Yen. 

Important notice: make sure you are purchasing from an authorised reseller!

Can I have the Japan Rail Pass delivered to my home?

Yes, the Japan Rail Pass Ticket Voucher is available for delivery in multiple countries using our recommended provider: Japan Rail Pass (

How to purchase Japan Rail Pass and start traveling

1. Purchase Japan Rail Pass online

Using our recommended provider: Japan Rail Pass (, be a little careful with other companies and travel agents that quote you for these passes, especially if an admin fee or commission is charged! You can do this on your own it’s not hard. 

2. Getting your Ticket Voucher sent to you in the mail

Couldn’t be easier to make this happen, but make sure you double check is possible for the country you need them delivered too.

3. When you arrive in Japan get your tourist visa stamp

Japan has agreements with many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, which does not require these citizens to have a visa for trips under 90 days in duration. Please make sure you check in advance what Japan’s requirement is for your country.

On arrival, whether you need a visa first or not, it’s really important you get a tourist stamp in your passport as without it you will not be able to complete the registration process required for the JR pass.

If you are not entering as a tourist you cannot obtain the Japan Rail Pass.

4. Visit the Japan Rail (JR) Station and get your official ticket

So the final step is to take your Japan Rail Pass Voucher(s) and passports to one of the many JR Stations ready to complete and confirm your Rail Pass. Here the agents are also ready to book your trips, seats and offer you further advice and guidance.

Now you get one of these beauties, an impressive Japan Rail (JR) Pass document which is still probably our favourite rail pass document from our travels yet.

Why we recommend Japan Rail Pass

Having used Japan Rail Pass ( to purchase our own Japan Rail Pass Vouchers, we found the experience really smooth, easy to use and they kept their promises to us getting the vouchers to us on time.

The team at Japan Rail Pass also offer a dedicated support team and provide a great Japan mini guide with every order placed with them.

Importantly Japan Rail Pass they are also an authorised reseller of JR tourist rail passes.