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This is always one of the most popular questions we get, “what camera equipment do we use on our travels and how do we capture & edit our photos”?
So here is our camera equipment travel photography guide and the extras we need to keep our data backed up.

Our Camera Equipment

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GoPro + Accessories
External Hard Drive, USB Stick & Cloud Backups
Power Bank
Software + Apps


For years we travelled and took pictures just on our phones, but the quality was so limited at the time. A good friend of ours is completely obsessed with cameras and recommended Sony mirrorless camera range for us.

Our Camera: Sony A6000

The Sony A6000 is lightweight, comfortable to handle, reasonably priced and ideal for carrying around with us as we explore the world together. Although we have a few lenses, we rarely use anything but the standard 16-50mm.

Best of all it’s super easy to get started for begineers, and when you need help there is always YouTube.

With any camera you eventually select you’re going to need some important extra equipment Camera Case, Camera Strap, Spare Battery, SD cards, Hood and Cleaning Equipment. We’re still really happy with this model, but when it’s time to upgrade I can’t see us using anything other than Sony now. Buy My Morning are officially big Sony mirrorless camera fans.


Another must when you’re travelling on the road is a tripod, but you need to get the ones that work for you and your baggage allowance.

Take a look at the options that will support the weight of your cameras but won’t add too much extra to your baggage, so you can carry around with ease.

We Use: Amazon Basics Tripod and also, GorillaPod 1K Kit

GoPro + Accessories

These little cameras just keep getting better and better. We were late to the game but since GoPro 4 we have been addicted to these … if you can afford it on top of a camera then you won’t be disappointed.

Our GoPro: GoPro 7 Black

External Hard Drive, USB Stick & Cloud Backups

Simple clear advice for everyone, make sure you have a good backup strategy for all your data! No matter where you are in the world there’s always a risk something will go wrong, and unless you have a time machine to go back, you will want to hold on to your awesome photos!

Our advice is have multiple backups, it’s likely you won’t always have great internet on the road so think of using a combination of physical & cloud.

External Hard Drive

Our Choice For an External Hard Drive: Toshiba 1TB

USB Stick

These little beauties started off at like 8MB capacity and now you can get 256GB+ to carry around in your pocket. You can get a whole range now that plug into your laptop, phone or tablets too. And the best part is they aren’t really that expensive.

The final bonus is you may be in a room with a TV that you can plug this into to view a slide show of photos or check out the videos.

Our Choice: SanDisk USB Stick Range

Cloud Backups

Make use of the freebies first and foremost, don’t spend money on this when you could save it.

Google Photos – A good place to start, you will get a free allocation of space and there are also options for unlimited photo storage … if you are willing to sacrifice on the quality. You are then free to upload on your phone, laptop or tablet devices.

One Drive – Microsoft’s version of cloud storage and again super easy to get started with after signing up. Options again to upload on your phone, laptop or tablet devices.

DropBox – Another great cloud backup provider with a really user friendly interface on their webpage and the apps you can dowload.

Update 23/06/2019 – Using all three of these providers on the free storage plans will get you just over 20GB.

Power Bank

We love technology but no matter how many times we charge our phones, camera, GoPro … you always need a backup power source! Seriously do not leave home without it, and even if you don’t need it all the time you may make a friend out on the road with this beauty.

Our Choice: RAVPower

Software + Apps

Photo Editing

Adobe Lightroom … do not leave home without it. Available on mobile, desktop and the cloud to edit your photos and making them even more awesome.

It’s easy to pick up and there are literally hundreds of YouTube videos out there to guide you through.
There are so many packages on offer so if you have any questions ask Adobe live chat support what best fits your needs.

Google Maps

Like us, you may not want to walk around all day with your phone in your hand, but having a backup sat nav is so helpful out there on the road. Google Maps also lets you download maps for 30 days, for many locations across the world, reducing your mobile data costs or need to find a wifi hot spot.