Travelling from Hanoi to Sapa, transport options and price

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If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, or you’re there now with some free days, we really suggest you think about Sapa.

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Hanoi to Sapa Transport Options
What are the roads, between Hanoi and Sapa, like?
How much does it cost to get from Hanoi to Sapa?
Where to stay in Sapa! – Accommodation Tips

Travelling from Hanoi to Sapa, Transport options and Price

Sapa is in a region in the North West of Vietnam close to the countries border with China. It’s an area of extreme natural beauty, with hills and mountains all around, great for walking and taking it a step further for these keen hikers out there.

It’s also an area with rich traditions and home to many local people that had lived here for hundreds of years. Whilst there are now hotels, restaurants and cafes open to supporting the tourism it is largely not a big built up area. The addition of the scenic train also allows everyone to get up to the top of the mountain with ease and experience the beauty of the region from one of its highest peaks. 

Hanoi to Sapa Transport Options

Getting to Sapa is straight forward from Hanoi, but you will have to use the road or rail. Expect the road to take 5 – 6 hours with stop-offs, and the train will be 6.5 – 9 hours. There are a number of bus companies to choose from, each offering an option of comfort and entertainment, all seem to be responsibly priced too (Hanoi to Sapa transport)

Road Trip – 5-6 Hours

Rail Journey – 6.5 – 9 Hours, depending on the type of train selecting and (including the additional taxi ride)

Motorbike – At your own leisure!

What are the roads, between Hanoi and Sapa, like?

A word of warning the roads leading into the region are very bendy, and you will be shifting from side to side a lot. If you get car sick then we definitely recommend you carry sickness tablets with you, but you may also benefit from taking a smaller vehicle, The Eco SaPa VIP Minibus comes very highly recommended from us.

If the potential for getting travel sick is putting you off, please don’t let it! If you go prepared we are sure you can manage this, and even the option better to sit at the front of the vehicle for a smoother journey.

Motorcyclists please be extremely careful when navigating your way down the spiral roads, and test your brakes! Also, be aware of bus drivers if you’re not in a rush then just let them through quickly, it’s not worth risking them squeezing past you.

How much does it cost to get from Hanoi to Sapa?

It’s going to depend on your choice of transport and the way you book, but remember flying isn’t going to be an option for getting to SaPa. You either have the option of using the internet to book or negotiating on the prices with companies in Hanoi.  

Bus Services – These typically range from 17 USD (roundtrip), with services leaving throughout the day from locations around the city. For more information on transport prices from Hanoi to Sapa, please use this link: Transport from Hanoi to Sapa.

You will likely have to make your own way to the bus station to board the bus, which will be an extra expense in a taxi.

Train Services – You have some options here too, but we haven’t tried this way, the cost range start from 30 USD (roundtrip). Although you have the option of an overnight journey, please find some other travel guides out there to see if this suits you. Remember you’re still going to need a taxi into the region. 
For more information on transport prices from Hanoi to Sapa, please use this link: Transport from Hanoi to Sapa.

VIP Minibus – These typically range between 30-35 USD (roundtrip), with a limited number of trips scheduled a day. The bonus with this service is that you won’t have to worry about finding a bus station (or the correct spot to stand in when you get there), with this service they pick you up from your hotel.

Where to stay in Sapa! – Accommodation Tips

Luxury – Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa – If you’re looking for 5 star comfort in sapa, with tremendous facilities then look no further than the Silk Path Grand Resort & Spa Sapa.

Mid-Range – Phuong Nam Hotel – We stayed at this beautiful hotel booking in advance to get the panoramic mountain view room. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the mountains, plus get some incredible photos too. The rooftop cafe view is out of this world too.

Budget – Sapa Valley view hotel – Going budget in Sapa doesn’t mean you can’t have great accommodation with outstanding views.