Traveling on a budget – Finding the best flights

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Finding the best flights

Searching online for cheapest flights is a big hobby for us both but even when to decide on a destination, there’s normally some more ways for saving opportunities. The more you save, you’ll have the extra money in your pocket to spend when you’re out exploring.

1/. Your browser & apps are your friends and worst enemies! 

User and data profiling has allowed companies to tailor searches, personalise suggestions and manipulate prices on goods we are interested in. They’re able to do this by using the information in your browser cookies (captured throughout visits to web pages) and internally use this data. to transfer the page content tailored for you. Whilst some of these are great to get ideas for travel when you actually ready to book you want the best price.

2/. Cover up and stop showing your private travel parts

Many browsers now also offer a cookie controlled private mode, with limited information available to these price changing tools. Using these options has also been known to save travellers money and it’s something we check every time.

In the past, some big companies have also been known to increase the price dependant on the operating system you use Mac or Windows! In the UK we now have stricter consumer regulations on this, but that’s not to say this isn’t happening elsewhere.

3/. Shop around but look at the airline & its partners

It’s always worth looking directly with the airline, and it’s partner airlines. In 2019 we flew from London to Sri Lanka via Qatar, with the flight operated by Qatar Airways in partnership with British Airways. We saved more than £100 booking with British Airways rather than QA who were operating the flight!

4/. Check the top-recommended search sites

It’s always good to check but be careful with some of the travel agents out there, as you could find additional charges and admin fees. Some also can’t confirm you’re booking instantly, requiring you to transfer the money and wait.

5/. Travel light

If you can do it you’re normally best to travel light, with a small bag with the essentials. Airlines have all adopted the add-on approach to services, including bringing on bigger bags onboard or as check-in is going to cost you more on each of the flights.

6/. Paying in the right currency

Most of the major travel sights and airlines will allow you to pay in your local currency, that’s great but you also have the option to select other currencies. Don’t just presume you are getting the best price, update the search to show in the airlines home currency or other major currencies like USD, GBP, YEN etc.

We’ve saved up to 8% on flights doing just this, but make sure when you do this that your bank doesn’t charge you for these international currency transactions.

7/. Miles membership, marketing and promotions

Maybe create a new email account for this, it can be painful getting spammed but get what you can from these companies. Then one day soon you can use those miles and get a better deal.

8/. Booking in advance

Tickets just released lets go, or waiting for the promotion seasons, its not easy to decide so do your research. 

9/. Are there better days to fly

You will typically find higher prices on Fridays – Monday, with the cheapest flights nearly always Tue-Wed.

10/. Are there better days to book?

Simply put Yes! The logic/formula and mathematics deployed by flight operators aren’t consistent and can be specific to countries or regions. For instance, booking a flight on a Sunday is always generally shown as more expensive on a Sunday. We typically book on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. 

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  1. Jan & Joe
    22nd February 2020 / 10:08 pm

    This is awesome thank you for sharing this page. We’ve just booked our tickets using local currency for a Spanish airline and saved money!

    Thank you so much guys!!!

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