What you should do & see in Santorini Greece – A travel bloggers guide

A sunset in Oia that our camera just doesn't do any justice | Buy My Morning

What you should do & see in Santorini Greece – A travel bloggers guide

Santorini may be a small island but there is more than enough to keep you busy during your stay. We have picked out some of the top things to do and see on this page, the majority are free or of lower expense.

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Beautiful Natural Santorini


Oia (Οία) is the most famous and the location that should be on the very top of the list. This isn’t a secret, it’s something that well known, and an area that gets extremely busy. Getting there early is important and picking out your spot on the pathways or finding a seat outside in a beautiful restaurant or cafe.

Wherever you choose, sit back and watch as the sun walks down into the sea, as the sailboats circle the landscape and the sky lights up with powerful colours of orange and red.

Thera (Θήρα) whilst not as popular as Oia, you are still going to experience a stunning sunset from this location. You’ll have the chance to watch as the sun disappears into the sea close to Nea Kameni island.

A sunset in Thera with a building top view and the sun escaping into the sea | Buy My Morning

You’ll still have to plan a spot early on, but there are a number of great spots. Our recommendation is to try and get yourself onto the balcony at the Tropical Bar.

Akrotiri (Ακρωτήρι) best to get yourself to the southern lighthouse for the final picture-perfect shot in a remote area on the island. It’s third on our list and one that you could miss off if you don’t have time.

Top Beaches Santorini

  • Red Beach
  • Black Beach
  • White Beach
  • Perissa’s Black Beach

Visit Nea Kameni Island (Volcano)

Take a short boat ride across from Santorini to the neighbouring island, taking the small gentle hike up to one of the open craters. It’s still quite a powerful smell around this area so go prepared and take plenty of water with you.

In the neighbouring island Thirasia, you will find a tiny incredible cafe to sit and relax for a while.

A tiny cafe on Thirasia island looking out to Santorini's main island | Buy My Morning

History in Santorini, exploring Atlantis

Historic and ancient Thera (Αρχαία Θήρα) can be found on the mountain top. The settlement is very well preserved and it’s worth a visit up there, even if you need to hire a quad and take the long S roads up and down.

Santorini Food Culture

Greece is known around the world for its food culture and cuisine, even though Santorini is a tourist hub this island won’t disappoint you. Whilst you walk the streets and explore the towns there are a few things not to miss.

Gyros, Souvlaki & Vegan Alternatives

If you are a meal lover then top Gyros and Souvlaki on the list for Santorini. Not only is this a cheap option but an extremely tasty one too.

Vegans and vegetarians aren’t going hungry in Santorini either, the famous Greek salad is great with or without feta.

With other famous dishes availablε: Saganaki (Σαγανάκι) fried cheese in filo pastry covered in honey; Tomatokeftedes (Ντοματοκεφτέδες) fresh tomatoes from Santorini mixed with other basic ingredients and deep-fried;

Traditional Bakery

Bougatsa (Μπουγάτσα) is a sweet morning breakfast option, with a thin pastry layer filled with custard cream and a small amount of icing on top. Get it warm, with a coffee to start your day off right.

Baklava (Μπακλαβά) dripping in honey, protected by thin filo pastry and tiny ground nuts spread everywhere inside.

Frappe, Freddo more coffees & other drinks to try

Greeks love coffee, that’s not to be an understatement, that there is a huge cultural & social attachment to coffee. It’s not uncommon to spend a good 2-3 hours sitting down with friends & family catching up with just a single coffee.

Cold Coffee

A freddo cappuccino on a beautiful island with a stunning coastline and clear waters in view | Buy My Morning

Especially in the summer, cold coffees are the way to go in Greece be it on the mainland or any of the islands. The main options for you to try are: Frappe (cold Nescafe) served in a tall glass with ice cubes and Freddo espresso or cappuccino

Beer, Wine and Spirits

Our personal favourites are Alfa (Άλφα), Mythos (Μύθος) and Fix (Φιξ), try them all if you have time, but there is also a growing craft beer culture brewing too.

You are in a beautiful wine area with a big selection of local wines. If you can’t visit the vineyards directly, it would be rude not to at least try in a bar or grab a free taster before you leave the island.

Ouzο, Tsipouro, Raki three strong and very different spirits to try out. For each many places will have an option without anise (aniseed γλυκάνισο).